Looking for a good way to fund your trip abroad?
Planning a trip, but a bit short on cash? Look no further!
It's a perfect opportunity for you to travel to a magical place. Israeli society is open, warm, tolerant – and loves guests!
Live, Work and Travel in ISRAEL!
In an effort to pull both cultures together, get to know each other and meet new friends around the world, Israel had recently initiated the Working Holiday Program, a bilateral agreement between Israel and countries from around the world, granting you the opportunity to combine a relaxing vacation, explore an exciting new culture and lifestyle – with the option to work during your trip.
So many places to go: Non-stop Tel-Aviv, Holy Jerusalem and Nazareth, Ancient Acre - Just choose!
How to apply?
Simple: Fill out these forms* and send them to your relevant Israeli embassy,
using mail or E-Mail. You can search the web for the contact information.
*Before registration, please review the Terms and Conditions.
Your request will be examined by your local embassy, and if all goes well you will be invited to receive your visa!
Note that you must attend the Israeli consulate at the set date carrying your passport, and we will generate for
you the Israeli B1 General Visa, allowing you to freely travel and work in Israel.
Upon request, we can grant you a multiple visa, allowing you to re-enter Israel as you please.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Police certificate of integrity, or police clearance.
  • Proof of medical insurance valid for the entire stay.
  • Relevant proper health certificates from a renown medical firm.
  • An application form for the work-travel visa to Israel.
  • Recites or approval for all fees (Hyperlink).
For questions and further information, feel free to enter your local Israeli embassy website , you can use this list of Israeli embassies , or send a detailed mail,
including your name and phone number, to our E-Mail address.
For more information regarding immigration services in Israel, you are welcome to enter the Israeli Immigration Services Website .
For information in regards to working in Israel
See you in Israel!
Terms and Conditions:
Participants must be 18-30 to take part in the program, escorts under that age are not allowed. Period of stay must not exceed 12 months. Passport must be valid for at least 18 months since departure.
Every participant must purchase a return flight ticket. Program allowed once per person. Participant must carry abroad a reasonable amount that can sustain him during your stay in Israel.